LUNCH: Noon-2:30 | DINNER: Sun-Thr 5-9pm; Fri-Sat 5-10pm


Four Roses Bourbon, Apricot Liqueur with fresh citrus   10

Autumn Mule
Tito’s Vodka, pear puree, local honey with fresh citrus   11

I’m Here for the Boos
Kahlua, spiced rum, half & half, pumpkin puree with pumpkin spice   11

Angry Negroni
Broker’s London Dry Gin, Campari, Ramazzotti Amaro   9

Miss Frizzle
Tommyrotter American Gin, St. George Spiced Pear, fresh citrus, egg white   12

Blame it on the Aperol
Aperol, Broker’s London Dry Gin, lemonade, prosecco   8

For Old Thyme’s Sake
Four Roses Bourbon, Luxardo maraschino cherry, orange-thyme syrup, bitters   10

White Winter
Grey goose la poire, merlet pear liqueur, pear puree, fresh citrus with a prosecco float   12

The Fenwick Sour
Four Roses Bourbon, fresh lemon, simple syrup, montepulciano red wine float   10

Lunazul Blanco Tequila, grand marnier, fresh lemon, Downeast hard cider   11

South of Boston
Tommyrotter American Gin, Aperol, Bertina Elderflower, lemon and lime juice with a prosecco float   12